• What do we do?
  • What do we do?
  • World leader in the development of interactive simulations for use at certifications and practical tests.

  • PTS: The only online platform that allows you to do simulations



Platform development, instructional design for content and software simulations aimed at educational technology.


Platform for creating your own tests, courses and practical test: Platform SCORM compatible with major e-learning systems (LMS) market.


From the first analysis of the blueprint to delivery to production, we will help in the creation of educational content and psychometric analysis for the creation of official certifications or practical tests.

Reduced Project Costs

At Media Interactiva we offer the best price-to-quality value in the international market. We also guarantee to constantly maintain a high level of quality for the work we carry out throughout the project’s life cycle. We offer short time-frames that include quick answers and solutions. In addition, Media Interactiva ensures low maintenance costs for your project. We obtain optimal results by delivering a clean, orderly, and efficient code and by providing detailed documentation of the entire process.

Project Completion On-Time and within Budget

At Media Interactiva we have great integrity and fairness regarding acceptance of workload that may arise once the project is underway. One of our main goals is to fulfill our promise of meeting deadlines.

High quality and involvement of the team

For the Media Interactiva team, each project becomes a personal challenge. At Media Interactiva, we believe and defend proactivity, perseverance, ingenuity, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. The privilege of being able to work with the leading technology brands in the world and the satisfaction of contributing knowledge while learning from experiences is synonymous with involvement and quality. Being a young and dynamic team, the desire to learn and contribute is immense. At Media Interactiva, we have managed to create an environment of collaboration and continuous learning.

Predictable Development Costs

We conduct our estimates as realistically as possible based on an extensive division of tasks, the measurement of the effort involved in each task, dependencies between them, identifying those requirements necessary to carry them out, schedule of meetings, and identification of delivery dates for each of the phases of the project.

Optimization of the Development Process

For us, it is vital to continuously improve the development process. We identify, communicate, and document all incidents when they occur, thereby avoiding time wasted by repeating these failures, which would have to be solved yet again. We create a code and efficient results with a reduced number of incidents. In this way, we achieve a cleaner and faster quality process, and developers do not have to spend more time resolving incidents. As an example from our experience, some other companies hired by Certiport had an average of 33.2 errors per test. In the search for improvement in the development process, Certiport hired us. We optimized development and lowered the average errors per test to 10.6.

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